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Herbal Soaps With Juniper Tar

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Herbal Soaps With Juniper Tar

It has been used by Roman women in the past because of the urine smelt violet once juniper tar, it was known as nostrum, was eaten in the middle age; Once again, it has been planted in front of the holiday homes with the purpose of protecting witches in these centuries. Nevertheless, according to the belief, if a witch could manage to count the leaves of juniper tar, s/he would have entered into the house. For preventing it, many juniper tars have been planted as far as possible. When priest Kneipp found out the juniper tar, he became famous. It was utilized in each area of medicine. For obtaining the juniper tar, it was burnt in the jug after putting in the dirt half and half by cutting the old leaves, its stem and roots. Tar is taken from the bottom by resting the acquired oil with water. Juniper tar is used for a lot of skin diseases. History herbal soap with juniper tar; * It was prepared by combining dried juniper tar with olive oil and cotton oil.


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