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Herbal Soaps With Laurel

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Herbal Soaps With Laurel

Laurel leaf is a unique plant given value very much for various reasons since ancient times. The smell of spicy and has always been among the most popular herbs with fresh glittering leaves. It has even been the subject of many mythological stories. Laurel is considered to symbol of Apollo the arts in Greek mythology, the sun,the god of fire and poetry. According to legend, Apollo, Falls in love with the daughter of the river god to Daphnia but he get rejected his love. Daphne begins to escape from Apollo. might just caught peneus transform into Daphnia the tree. Apollo by owning tree, making the symbol of victory and virtue.So, in ancient Greece and Rome were given the wreaths made of laurel leaves to victors and poets. It also each season has become a symbol of immortality due to remain green. History herbal soap with laurel; * It was prepared by combining laurel fruit oil with olive oil and cotton oil.


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