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Herbal Soaps With Olive Oil

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Herbal Soaps With Olive Oil

Olive is a fruit known and assessed by people since 4000 years. In many sources, it is the homeland of olives Mesopotamia, is reported to spread from there to the Mediterranean countries. BC found in excavations in Mesopotamia The illustrations of the 2000s, it seems to have served olive the kings of to guests. Throughout history,olive is symbolizes peace,friendship and plentifulness; If the time of expedition of Great Alexander , spread to the aegean and Mediterranean , In later times, the Romans who occupied the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts, is met with olive through Phrygian and Phoenicians. move to Europe in amphoras of Roman ships is olive, thus opens the world. It is believed that the olive tree is sacred. Noah's Ark to the beak of pigeons heralding the continuing life had an olive branch. To Noah's Ark heralding the continuing life the beak of pigeons had an olive branch. The founder of the city of Athens Kekrops said "Self-born again and can not be eliminated" for olive trees and he has shown that how to extracted oil from the fruit. Pallas Athena the goddess of peace, With a thrust of a spear create the olive tree in the Acropolis, He taught how to planted trees. The 5 holy fruit have mentioned of the holy books of all true religions. These; figs, dates, grapes, pomegranates and olives. It is symbol of Abundance, justice, health, peace, victory, pride, wisdom, intelligence, immortality, purification and rebirth. Its name is always mentioned in all scriptures and thousands of years of stories. History herbal soap with olive oil; * It was prepared by combining olive oil with cotton oil.


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