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Herbal Soaps With Clove

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Herbal Soaps With Clove

Chinese emperors and aristocracy would have not met without treating clove for bad breath to all their visitors in 3th century B.C. Clove was used as spice in ancient Roma We can show the statement of Roman Plinus “Each year, India was drying Roma Empire with 50 million sesterces." as an evidence in order to prove the high price of clove First and Middle Age of Western Civilizations. (Sesterce is the coin of ancient Rome. It was shaped as grand bronze coin in Rome Empire as a small silver coin in Rome Republic.) Clove has been known in Europe again dating from 15th century. Netherlanders have quite enriched by cartel in clove trade. Amsterdam and Rotterdam are still considered as grand clove bazaars. Clove in England was equivalent with the gold because of high price in 17th and 18th century. History herbal soap with clove; * It was prepared by combining dried clove with olive oil and cotton oil.


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