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3-Shipping Policy

Shipping Policy
Shipping fee is charged for all orders in other countries.

SHIPPING & RETURN | * Since some models are special products, there is a preparation process, the delivery time varies according to the preparation process. * Average delivery time is 3-5 days. There might be delay due to customs. * Sometimes it may take up to 7-10 days depending on your delivery area. * Please note that there will be no refunds for delays caused by the carrier. * Please always give extra days when ordering to avoid late shipments or other issues.

How should I receive the shipping package?

Since the cargo company competes with time, it wants to deliver the product and leave immediately, but there is a sensitive issue. The cargo form should not be signed without receiving your cargo package. Before signing the cargo report, please check whether the box of your product is damaged due to transportation. If there is any damage to the box for any reason, return your box to keep a record from the shipping authority without signing any delivery document. Your new products will be sent to you immediately after the report is kept, depending on the result. In case of receiving the products with damaged box, marblemar.com is not responsible for the damage or deficiency of the products inside.

Is there any deformation in the package delivered?

If there is any doubt in the package brought by the cargo company that suggests any deformation or damage to the product may be done, open the package next to the cargo officer and check the physical condition of your orders without signing the shipping form. If you do not see any problems, you may sign the transmit form. If you think that the products inside the box are damaged in any way, please request that you want the cargo damage report by the cargo officer and do not take the delivery of the products. (The products must be sent back to MARBLEMAR.com by the cargo company.) We are going to replace your products which are damaged due to cargo company and send the new ones to you after you write the statement.

Broken, crushed, or damaged delivery?

The duty of the cargo company is to safely deliver your shopping from MARBLEMAR.com to the right person by providing a safe transportation. If there is any damage on the product, you can go to the cargo company and write a statement. After the product reaches us with your minutes, your exchange will be done immediately.

Our Warranty and Return Conditions 

All of your orders from marblemar.com are sent to our customers via cargo. There are a few things to consider when shipping your order. Your orders are delivered to the contracted cargo company when the working day specified in the description is complete. The mail reference number of your order is sent to you by an e-mail regarding the order placed on the cargo. Delivery is not made on Sundays due to the failure of cargo companies.


Tailor-made products are prepared upon order and with labor that requires long effort. Since it is not possible to use your product for another person, personal products are not within the scope of return.


If there is no suggestion that the product is damaged in cargo, but you still find a damaged product, missing product or any problem after receiving the shipment, please email marblemar.contact@gmail.com addressing the problem by photographing the product. We will get back to you regarding the problem with your order as soon as possible. We will deal with the issue to compensate for your grievances. If the products are missing, they will be shipped to you as many as the missing quantity. If the product is damaged, the product will be again shipped to you in order to compensate for the damage, and it can be re-prepared. The shipping costs sent in this process belong to our PARTY. For any problem caused by us on marblemar.com, the buyer will not suffer. Also, do not forget that we want to deliver these products, which are prepared with personalized efforts, to you without problems. Please take into consideration that we are as upset as you if you encounter any problems and we do not want to experience a negative situation with our customers, because we put so much effort in our work.