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Herbal Soaps With Lavender

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Herbal Soaps With Lavender

It is one the most lovable and favourite herbs by people as colour and scent. Aphrodite has preferred to use soap and essences with lavender in the bath because of these features. While her hair, bright as far as sun, were enchanting around, the vitality of her skin has ravished the men. Everyone envied her beauty, but they couldn't find the formula of her beauty in no way. It has been believed it was not coincidence that the birth of Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty, has corresponded with the spring when lavender flower blossomed. It has been used as a herb which was analgesic, antibacterial, antidepressant, and prevented sleep disturbances in different communities and cultures for centuries. The floor of buildings was covered with lavender for protecting plague in the middle age and Renaissance. Mother of Jesus loved lavender so much because of keeping moths away from the clothes. The lavender which was used in ancient Egypt for mummification process has been used in the struggle for psychological problems in India and Thibet. History herbal soap with lavender; * It was prepared by combining dried lavender with olive oil and cotton oil


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